Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a viable choice if you’re renovating or upgrading your Myrtle Beach home – and Carolina Custom Contractors should be your top choice in your metal roof installation.

Durable metal roofing is known to increase your home’s resale value; in fact, a reported 95.5% of renovation costs are recouped, with a 6% resale value gain. Need more reasons to go with metal roofing?

• High durability. As we mentioned, the life cycle of metal roofing is incredibly long because of its superpower to endure the wear and tear of time and the elements like no other material. In fact, it can last as long as 50-plus years.

• Low maintenance. Metal roofing maintains its natural beauty quite well. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime installation, actually, with no need to replace it as often as asphalt roofing (replaced 2-4 times as often).

• Lower insurance. Because you’re reducing your chances of structural damage from severe weather, you’ll notice a reduction in homeowner insurance prices.

• Lower energy bills. When your metal roof reflects heat in the summer, you’ll notice a big difference in your energy savings.

Here at Carolina Custom Contractors, we can discuss the type of metal roofing that’s best for you and your budget, including:

Metal shingle/slate: Features a smooth, uniform slate tile style.

Metal tile: Unlike standard tile roofs, metal tile is lighter, but is still packed with the strength of stone-coated steel.

Metal shake: A smart alternative to wooden shake, this material still looks like wood, but more durable, and offers a wide variety of color options.

Vertical panel: Pre-painted metal vertical panels are no longer just for commercial buildings; they’re also a practical and economical choice for residential roofs.

We offer a five-year warranty for installation. GAF warranties are lifetime.

We are your contracting company here in the Carolinas, built with you in mind. Each of our customized projects are as unique as you are. Call Carolina Custom Contractors today for a free consultation, so we can talk about how to get started with yours!