4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Fix Your Roof

While we understand not all homeowners can afford to fix their roof right when they notice damage, but w are here to help save you money by telling you a few reasons why you shouldn’t put off fixing your roof for too long. Waiting to repair your roof is almost like playing a waiting game – there’s going to come a time where the current damage can turn into extensive, which can end up costing you more in the long run. 

The Damage Can Worsen

Let’s say you notice a few shingles missing after a storm; you may not think it’s something that needs repairing right away. FALSE! Those missing shingles leave your roof exposed to the outside elements, which can further the damage to your roof and potentially inside your home. 

Repairs Can Turn Into Replacements

Remember those shingles you were debating on repairing? Well, that exposed part of your roof was ignored too long, and mold has begun to build up, causing you to need a roof replacement instead of just a minor repair! This cost difference between the two can be significant. 

Keep Your Home’s Resale Value

Did you know that your roof makes up 50% of your home’s curb appeal? It’s true! So keep in mind that next time you decide to put off those roof repairs, but are considering selling your home. 

Repairs Can Get Costly

If you’ve noticed a leak or water spots on your ceiling, you can be sure that other parts of your roof structure have some sort of water damage. The price to replace or repair this damage can add up quickly!

Overall, while it may seem okay to put off some minor damage, in most cases, it’s going to cost more in the long run. Catching roof damage early is key to saving money. Whether you need a minor roof repair or a full roof replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help you protect that roof over your head!