Best Roofing Company

We know that each client has a wish list of unique preferences, wants and needs. That’s why Custom is in our name. Because at Carolina Custom Contractors, our exterior construction solutions are customized with only you in mind. We strive to be the best roofing company in the Carolinas.

What worked best for one project, another client, might not work for you. We’re prepared for that. That’s what we’re founded on. We strive to meet each project with each client’s vision in focus. We build and complete each project at each step and at each turn with integrity and the highest quality in workmanship and customer service. It’s this kind of adaptability that allows us to think outside of the box when meeting the vision of our customers.

No project is too large or too small for our team. But we take pride in treating each project the same – taking one roof at a time, one renovation at a time. Our clients aren’t just numbers. And that same intention to help others also extends into standing as good stewards of our community through charities like the Black River United Way and AMI Kids.

We are your contracting company here in the Carolinas, built with you in mind. Each of our customized projects are as unique as you are. Call Carolina Custom Contractors today for a free consultation, so we can talk about how to get started with yours!