Energy Consultation

Nowadays, it pays to save energy in your home – to shrink both your personal budget and the earth’s energy footprint. And we take that personally, too. Carolina Custom Contractors is a South Carolina Certified Commercial Energy Manager (SCCEM) contractor/ inspector.

That means we’ll oversee lighting retrofits to better your ROI on your electric bill – up to three years’ difference! Our expert team of energy consultants will help guide you in the right direction toward the best energy-efficient building space for you, your savings, investments and the earth’s future.

We’re here to help you decide on all the energy-efficient options that comfortably fit your needs, while staying with you on all of the decisions along the way through completion. An initial energy evaluation from us will save you time, money and resources.

Often times, the homes you buy were built with insulation and energy efficiency as an afterthought, which is where we come into play. Our energy consultants will sit down with you to discuss the solutions of how to improve healthy indoor air quality, a healthy energy-efficient budget and how to weather the storm before it wreaks an onslaught on your home’s utility proficiency.

We are your contracting company here in the Carolinas, built with you in mind. Each of our customized projects are as unique as you are. Call Carolina Custom Contractors today for a free consultation, so we can talk about how to get started with yours!