TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing (TPO roofing) first hit the market in the early 1990s, and today our roofing experts at Carolina Custom Contractors recommend this reflective roofing membrane system as an economical, eco-friendly commercial roofing solution for clients.

The single ply roofing system is a trifecta of three layers, complete with a TPO polymer base, polyester-reinforced fabric center and thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top ply. Here’s what TPO means for you and your business budget:

*It’s economical. Because of TPO’s increased energy efficiency, those painful monthly utility bills are lower.

*It’s flexible by design. Available in white, light gray and black reflective color options, TPO is designed to accommodate a wide range of style preferences, not just the usual white UV-resistant roof.

*It’s easy to install. Wider sheets that weigh less mean less seams and less time and work in the installation process.

*It’s strong. While flexible enough to allow for a home’s normal movement and settling, TPO stands up against mold growth, dirt, wear and tear, punctures and impacts.

*It’s energy-efficient. The TPO membrane’s reflective surface exceeds the EPA’s ENERGY STAR requirements. This means that a TPO roof not only keeps your office interior thermally comfortable on hot summer days, it also reduces you’re A/C costs.

On top of those benefits, a two-year warranty is available for installation. GAF warranties are lifetime; standard manufacturer warranties also apply.

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