Roof Repairs

We’re here for you when you need it most. And when it comes to roof repairs, we know you need things (overhead) to be back to normal as fast as possible. Our experienced, professional roofing experts at Carolina Custom Contractors will work with you every step of your roof repair process, from providing a free initial assessment and estimate to routine follow-ups post-installation.

Common causes for the types of roof repairs we answer the call to are:

Weathering & Wind Damage: Weather in our coastal area – storms blowing off the ocean, hurricanes and exposure to salt air – causes your roof to deteriorate at a more rapid rate. In fact, your roof could suffer damage from gusts that start at a minimum of 50 to 75 mph. Over time, that air starts to push up on the bottom side of a roof assembly, loosens fasteners and could break the adhesion.

Lack of Roof Maintenance: It’s always good to catch minor problems earlier before they become major repair projects – something especially true for roofing systems applied on low-sloped structures.

Bad by Design: Roofing design deficiencies (if we haven’t installed your roof system in the first place) are costly to repair. But we’re here to solve design problems, such as weak roof membranes; an inadequate roof slope, resulting in ponding water; mismatch of roof materials; and failure to allow for roof to expand and contract, resulting in a split membrane.

-Flashing Problems: The purpose of flashings is to provide a watertight connection between the actual roofing materials and sections of the roof structure. When regular maintenance and inspection isn’t performed to these vulnerable parts of your roof, leaks occur.

-Drainage: If water isn’t properly flowing from the roof slope into gutters, leaders, drain openings and scuppers, surface water ponding and roof weakening result, which could lead to major problems.

-Weakening from Rooftop Equipment: This applies to commercial buildings, with roofs that are used as a base for HVAC equipment, ladder struts, flag poles, signs and more. While this equipment shouldn’t be mounted on the roof, if you absolutely need to, we’re here to help in any repairs.

We offer a five-year warranty for all residential installation repairs and two years for commercial projects. GAF product warranties are lifetime; standard manufacturer warranties also apply.

We are your contracting company here in the Carolinas, built with you in mind. Each of our customized projects are as unique as you are. Call Carolina Custom Contractors today for a free consultation, so we can talk about how to get started with yours!