DIY Roof Repairs vs. Professional Roof Repairs

We understand that many homeowners are focused on saving money any way they can this year. While we sympathize with those trying to save money, our team at Carolina Custom Contractors wants to help you save money in the long run too by helping you understand the pros and cons of DIY roof repairs versus professional roof repairs. While there are a few repairs you may feel comfortable taking on yourself, many times it’s better to let the professionals handle it.  

Knowledge + Experience

Unless you have roofing experience, it’s better to leave the repairs to the professional. Taking on a repair or even a replacement by yourself could have you making dangerous and expensive mistakes without you realizing it. There are many steps to roofing that ensure your home is protected against all elements and lack of experience and knowledge can jeopardize it. 

Appearance Is Important

Our professional roofers are skilled in making sure each roof looks beautiful and functions properly by installing the shingles based on the manufacturing details. Making simple mistake of replacing your original shingles yourself with a slightly different colored shingle can throw off the whole look of the roof. 

Liability + Insurance

Taking on a DIY roof repair may seem like it’s going to save you money, but what happens if you accidentally cause some damage to your roof? Many home insurance plans don’t cover that type of negligent damage, especially if you don’t have the expertise. Using professional roofers (like us with insurance) financially protects homeowners from being responsible if the roofing company causes damage.  

Overall, our team here at Carolina Custom Contractors want you to be informed before trying to attempt any DIY roof repairs. If you have any questions or are unsure if you need a repair, our team would be happy to give you a free consultation! For all your contracting needs throughout the Grand Strand, CCC is here to help! Give us a call at 843.359.7711 or click here