How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

After we put the turkey on the table it’ll be time for exterior illumination! You know, that time of the year where you hope your husband doesn’t slip and fall off the roof or tumble down the ladder. Luckily for you (and him) we have put together a few tips of how to hang Christmas lights without damaging your roof (or yourself).

Be Safe, Be Safe, Be Safe

Did we mention that you should be safe when hanging Christmas lights? Don’t try to be a hero and plop your plastic Santa down where the pitch of your roof is too steep for you to stand. Limit the amount of time you are walking around on the roof (if you even have to) so that you do not damage your shingles. Also, don’t lean your ladder on the gutters because if they break, you can go down. Keep an eye out for frayed or damaged cords as well.

Plan Ahead

There’s a good chance that you at least have an inkling as to what you have from year’s past. If not, take a look so that anything you plan on buying for this season will look good with your older stuff. You want all of your lights to have the same hue. Examine the areas where you want to hang your lights and make sure that they are sturdy enough to withstand the added weight/pressure.


Light clips are your best friend. They are cheap and will make this job go much smoother than without them. DO NOT hang lights with screws, nails or a staple gun. This isn’t Christmas Vacation, this is real life. This is a HUGE hazard.


If you take your time, be safe, plan ahead and use light clips for installation, this Christmas light project will be a breeze. Now the hard part is dealing with all of your relatives coming in from out of town to stay at your house!