Myrtle Beach Roofing Contractors: After The Storm

As you know, this past week a hail storm rocked the Carolinas. Hopefully your home did not experience any damage from the storm, but if you did, Carolina Custom Contractors is here to help! As one of the best Myrtle Beach roofing contractors in the area, we can not only identify a problem, but we can also get it fixed for you.

Wind, Rain & Hail

During a hailstorm, the direction of the wind can vary, as can the speed. Changes in these conditions affect the severity of hail impact. This may be obvious, but the size of the hail is directly related to the amount of damage that it can cause. It can be as small as a pebble or as large as a softball. When hail hits, it can damage the roof of your Myrtle Beach home or business. The larger the hail, the greater the damage to your roof. The age and condition of your roof also factors into the damage. All building materials absorb the hail impact in different ways.

What Does The Damage Look Like?

It really depends on the material. Hail damage to composite or asphalt singles look a whole lot different from wood shingles.

For composite and asphalt shingles, the damage is random without a discernible pattern. You will experience loss in granules, which may expose the roof felt. The hail hits are black in color and are soft to the touch.

For wood shingles, the damage is also random without a discernible pattern. The impact marks are along the splits. These splits are brown or orange in color and have sharp corners and edges.

What If My Roof Is Damaged?

That’s where we come into play! If you think that you need to call upon a Myrtle Beach roofing contractor, give Carolina Custom Contractors a call at 843.359.7711. We will let you know if we can repair your roof or if you will need a roof replacement.