Spring Roofing Tips: Trust Your Local Expert

Winter in Myrtle Beach isn’t as cruel as winter up north but this winter surely brought in colder temperatures, some of the coldest we’ve seen in a while. Although there usually isn’t any snowfall in this area, the cold temperatures, wind, and rain definitely play a part in damages that could have possibly taken place over the winter seasons. It is extremely important to inspect your roof to make sure that no damage was inflicted on your home. Missing something as slight as a small leak, can result in major issues that can arise later. With much anticipated April showers, to bring May flowers, it is crucial to check the durability of your roof. Carolina Custom Contractors is here to provide a few simple Spring roofing tips that can save you money in the long run.

Shingles being lifted:

As we all can guess, attaching lights directly to shingles can cause for shingles to lift or shift. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so, maybe next christmas you’ll read our blog and learn your lesson. Not to fear though, Carolina Custom Contractors can help you correctly get your shingles back to the right place in the event that you attached lights directly to shingles.

In the event that you did read our newsletter, you probably refrained from attaching your lights right to your direct roof. In this case, we thank you and you should thank yourself as well but, you aren’t quite in the clear yet. Even if you did not staple your lights directly onto your shingles, shingles can still become loose or even fall of depending on the winter weather. All the elements, wind, rain, or the not so usual snowfall can possible allow for shingles to become loose or fall off. This can cause leaks within your roof which obviously can result in more damage than you’d think if they go unnoticed or untreated. It is important to check your roof both internally as well as externally. This can simply be done by examining to see if there are missing shingles on the outside of the roof or to check inside to see if there are water rings present on your ceiling.

Chimney cracks:

As Santa came climbing down your chimney this year, did he eat one too many cookies and get stuck? It is important to inspect your chimney to make sure there are no visible cracks present. Rain that occured over the winter months can easily freeze and cause cracks to form or cause existing cracks to become much larger. If you do not catch this issue while it is relatively new, it can result in the need of a new chimney or extreme repairs. It is important to check your chimney for different small cracks or such that might have become present during the past few months. So, you don’t have to blame Santa for that one extra cookie.

Cleaning out gutter:

With all of the rain and wind that we saw in South Carolina over the winter season, it is very possible that debris and such can get into your gutter and cause a clog. If a clog goes unnoticed, it is very possible that it can cause damage to the foundation of your home or business. Make sure to clean your gutter in order to ensure there is not a clog and prevent any water damage that may get to your home or business.

When cleaning out your gutter, it is not smart to wear your Sunday best clothes as dirty debris can easily end up on your clothes. In addition to, it is probably a good idea to also wear gloves so that the dirt and such does not get on your hands and stain them.

The most important tip that we can give our customers is to use a durable and sturdy ladder that can hold your weight plus some. It is also a good idea to have somebody hold the bottom of a sturdy ladder to ensure that the ladder is as stable as possible when climbing up and down as well as while you are working on your gutter.

Carolina Custom Contractors can take the stress and risk out of your spring cleaning list. Leave it to the professionals to safely clean and prepare your gutters for all the rain that April, and the rest of spring, Usually brings us,

Internal damage:

The warmer weather means it is time to start breaking out the shorts and flip flops. As you go up into your attic to switch out the winter clothes with your spring clothes, look for water spots and other indications that you might have a leak within your roof. Water spots usually are yellow or discolored rings that tend to pool and cause a leak through onto the ceiling itself. The movement or loss of shingles can allow for water to easily get into your house and seep through to visible levels. A good tip when looking for water spots: water spots aren’t exact indications of where the leak might be present. Because you are inspecting a roof, it is very possible that the leak is higher up on the roof. The water spot can result in water running down and pooling within  a certain spot.

It is important to check your house for these types of damages because the inability to catch these issues can ultimately result in serious roofing damages or structural damages to your home or business.

We at Carolina Custom Contractors can accurately locate a leak and fix it within your home or business.