The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Roofing Repairs

The holidays are just a few weeks away! As winter creeps closer, so does the cold weather, snow, and ice. With weather changes can come home repairs. Ice and snow can cause minimal to severe damage to your roof throughout the season. Many homeowners take this time to prepare their homes for harsh environmental conditions. While your roof may seem sturdy during the sunny days of summer, it’s at greater risk when temperatures drop. To protect your home from dangerous conditions and make repairs safely, here are the do’s and don’ts of winter roofing repairs.


Schedule Weather-Appropriate Repairs: Before doing any major repairs, consider the weather. Plan your roofing projects for milder weather — above-freezing temperatures. Extreme cold can affect the performance of certain roofing materials and adhesives. To avoid costly mistakes, it’s best to wait until spring.

Use the Right Materials: Since it might get cold in the winter, it’s a good idea to invest in roofs and materials that are designed for cold weather conditions. So if you need to fix or replace your roof, look for cold-weather adhesives and sealants that are formulated to bond effectively even in lower temperatures. This can help ensure a durable and long-lasting repair.

Prioritize Safety: While it’s important to get your roof inspected during the colder months, it’s also critically important to take proper safety precautions. Make sure that your roof is free of ice, and use harnesses and non-slip footwear to avoid slipping. If conditions are unsafe, consider postponing the repair until they improve.

Clear Snow and Ice Safely: You don’t want to run into black ice on your roof. Before starting any repairs, remove any accumulated snow or ice from your roof carefully. The best way to do so carefully is by using a roof rake or a soft-bristle broom to prevent damage to shingles. Avoid using sharp tools that could cause harm to the roofing material.

Plan for Daylight Hours: Winter brings daylight savings and darkness much sooner than we’d like. Avoid this problem by scheduling repairs during the day, when it’s warmer and you’ll have more light to work with. Not only will this help ensure that your repairs are effective, but it will also make for a safer environment for workers to be in.


Ignore Safety Measures: No matter how quickly you need things done, do not compromise the safety of your repair. If ice or snow is too bad, consider postponing repairs. Avoid working on icy or slippery surfaces without proper precautions. 

Neglect Ventilation: Once the weather starts to cool off, it’s important to take care of your rooftop by ensuring that it is ventilated properly. Have a professional inspect the ventilation for your home and make any necessary changes so that you can stay warm and dry throughout the winter months. Any excess water can leak into your attic and wood, causing mold and water damage to the interior of your home.

Use Inappropriate Repair Materials: Cold weather can cause common repair materials to become inconsistent, unreliable, and potentially harmful. Material degradation or failure can be caused by changes in temperature, which may result in poor bonding and a compromised repair. We recommend only using materials that are specifically designed for cold weather conditions if/when you are planning on repairing your roof during freezing temperatures.

Rush the Repairs: In cold weather, repairs can be sensitive and require more time and care to perfect. Taking shortcuts can lead to mistakes and subpar results. Take the necessary time to plan and execute each step meticulously, ensuring a thorough and effective repair.

Neglect Professional Help: If you have a damaged roof and are not sure about repair techniques, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Carolina Custom Contractors are highly-skilled professionals who can assess damage and determine proper repair techniques.

Winter Roofing Repairs With Carolina Custom Contractors

Winter roofing repairs require a thoughtful approach to ensure both effectiveness and safety. By following these dos and don’ts of winter roofing repairs, you can navigate the challenges of cold weather and address roofing issues with confidence. Remember, a well-executed repair can safeguard your home from the elements and contribute to the longevity of your roof.

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