Why A Metal Roof Could Be Right For You 

Growing in popularity in areas that have extreme weather situations annually, a metal roof could be a good choice. Whether it’s blizzards, ice storms, nor’easters, or what the Carolinas see most often hurricanes, a metal roof is the first (and lasting) line of defense. 

Safety is a major factor for choosing a metal roof surely to make it worth the hefty investment. They do not catch fire or spark during lightening strikes. When the next big hurricane hits our coast, your metal roof can withstand wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour! Certain metals are even impact -resistant, to help protect your entire home as well during the storm.

As for aesthetics, metal roofs are easy on the eye and up the curb appeal of your home. You can select the material of yours, and are normally offered in zinc, aluminum, tin, copper or galvanized steel.

Longevity is another key deciding factor for a metal roof purchase. Metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years – how about that for a return on investment! Metal roofs are highly environmentally friendly, commonly made from 25 to 95 % recycled content, and once one does need to be replaced, the roof itself is 100% recyclable. A win for your family and mother earth! While this is an obvious bonus, you also want to ensure that your roof meets code for your town or county, and has the correct testing approval labels on its material such as UL or FM Global.

If these aren’t enough reasons, here is maybe the best one of all is what it does to your home’s value. Of Homeowners who installed a new metal roof, 95.5% of them recouped their renovations costs, with an additional 6% resale value increase. Additionally they reflect solar radiant heat, helping to reduce your heating and cooling costs significantly within your home.

If you need anymore reasons to choose metal – call us. We can set up a consultation to see if it the perfect choice to meet you home’s needs.