Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season For Roof Repairs

Roof work isn’t easy. It’s extremely dangerous and weather conditions, temperatures and height all work together to increase the difficulty level. That’s why you should trust a roofing professional like Carolina Custom Contractors to handle your dirty work. We have been hit with one hurricane already this season, but hopefully we won’t see any more action anytime soon, especially due […]

Post-Hurricane Roofing Issues

The most active hurricane month is literally right around the corner, so there’s no better time than now to be aware of what is going on in the news. With social media, it’s easier than ever to follow a hurricane approaching the east coast. While your roof may be ready to take on high wind and damaging rain, that doesn’t […]

Ways To Protect Your Roof This Hurricane Season

Sure, hurricane season technically begins on June 1st, but we all know that now is the time to be watching the news for updates on the weather. Hurricane Matthew gave us quite a scare last year and brought a whole lot of rain to the area. While a third year in a row of flooding seems highly unlikely, that doesn’t […]

Signs That You May Need A Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, your roof isn’t a human being. It can’t tell you where there’s damage, when it needs repaired or if it needs replaced. It’s up to you to hire a professional roofing contractor like Carolina Custom Contractors to inspect your roof annually to check for imperfections in your roof. We are here to provide you with a few tell tale […]

Local Myrtle Beach Roofer: Hurricane Season Is Approaching

Believe it or not, but summer is already here! The tourists are pouring into Myrtle Beach and the weather is hitting 90 degrees. With that comes summer storms and even hurricanes. Granted, hurricane season is typically later in the summer (August – September), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for these extreme storms ahead of time. Your local […]

Myrtle Beach Roofer: Preparing Your Roof For Summer

With the weather warming up and the city of Myrtle Beach becoming more crowded, that can only mean one thing…summer is coming! As always, we had a pretty mild Winter and and up & down Spring. The handful of hail storms that rolled through the Grand Strand caused some damage, but sometimes you don’t realize it until it’s too late. […]

Myrtle Beach Roofing Contractors: After The Storm

As you know, this past week a hail storm rocked the Carolinas. Hopefully your home did not experience any damage from the storm, but if you did, Carolina Custom Contractors is here to help! As one of the best Myrtle Beach roofing contractors in the area, we can not only identify a problem, but we can also get it fixed […]

Myrtle Beach Roofing Contractor: Spring Home Improvements

With tax return season right around the corner, how do you plan on spending that extra cash? As your Myrtle Beach roofing contractor, we may not be able to provide the best financial advise, but we can definitely help you out if you plan on investing in a new roof. Sure, that may not be the most appealing option, but […]

Myrtle Beach Roofer: Commercial & Residential Roofing Contractor

Carolina Custom Contractors is more than just a Myrtle Beach roofer. We service within a 100-mile radius of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. That means our professional roofing contractors are able to service your home or business from as far south as Charleston, South Carolina to as far north as Wilmington, North Carolina and as far west as Florence, South Carolina. […]

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