33rd Annual Wooden Boat Show In Georgetown South Carolina

The 33rd Annual Wooden Boat Show takes place October 15th and 16th in Historic Georgetown, South Carolina! This event features one of the Southeast’s best wooden boat exhibits with more than 100 classic wooden boats displayed on land and water, boatbuilding, a corrugated boat race, children’s model boatbuilding, a youth sailing regatta, knot tying, maritime arts and crafts, and food! Did […]

4 Signs Of Roof Water Damage

If a tree falls on your roof during a storm and there’s water pouring into your home, it’s pretty obvious that there’s roof damage. What homeowners don’t realize is that more often roofs will sustain damage quietly without you even noticing. Whether it’s missing shingles, water spots on your ceiling, or condensation on your windows, there can be multiple signs […]

What To Look For In A Roof When You’re Buying A Home

When it comes time to start house hunting, there are plenty of things you should consider before putting in an offer on your dream home. One of the most expensive things to repair or replace on a new home is the roof. That’s why our team here at Carolina Custom Contractors is here to help you know what to look […]

Common Winter Roofing Problems

With everything that’s happened this year, a problem with your roof should be the least of your worries this winter, and with the holiday season is in full swing the last thing you need to deal with is a roof repair or replacement. As the weather here in Myrtle Beach continues to be unpredictable, our team here at Carolina Custom […]

3 Major Signs It’s Time For A New Roof

We understand that this year has been hard on everyone. The last thing many homeowners want to worry about is major expenses, like replacing their roof. It’s our priority to keep homeowners protected with a high-quality reliable roof over their heads. As a professional roofing company, our team of expert contractors at Carolina Custom Contractors know what needs to be […]

Maintenance Tips For Your Roof This Fall

Fall is in full swing here in Myrtle Beach which means cooler weather, falling leaves, and holidays right around the corner! With all the changes happening this season, it’s important to take care of fall maintenance that can be done around the house – including your home’s roof!  That’s why our team here at Carolina Custom Contractors has come up […]

DIY Roof Repairs vs. Professional Roof Repairs

We understand that many homeowners are focused on saving money any way they can this year. While we sympathize with those trying to save money, our team at Carolina Custom Contractors wants to help you save money in the long run too by helping you understand the pros and cons of DIY roof repairs versus professional roof repairs. While there […]

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Fix Your Roof

While we understand not all homeowners can afford to fix their roof right when they notice damage, but w are here to help save you money by telling you a few reasons why you shouldn’t put off fixing your roof for too long. Waiting to repair your roof is almost like playing a waiting game – there’s going to come […]

5 Things That Can Endanger Your Roof

As roofing professionals, we know a thing or two when it comes to repairing and replacing commercial and residential roofs. Many things happen (both on accident and purpose) that homeowners may not realize are endangering their roof. Since a roof is the only thing that protects your home from the outside elements, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to […]

FAQs About New Roofs

When it comes to replacing or repairing a roof, many homeowners have questions about the process. Knowing the condition of your roof is the first step. Once our team has determined the condition of your home’s roof through a FREE roofing consultation, we can offer our professional opinion and services to help protect the roof over your head! We know […]